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Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 14:13
To: Carolyn L Burke
Subject: ?


I am tired of all the hypocrisy and the conventional dances I have hitherto tolerated, because I was attempting to keep my more volatile nature in check. No more of that.

I am issuing you a challenge to deal with me directly, or not deal with me at all. Under your instructions Peter has told me that while you admit I do him some good,I am not considered by you generally to be a worthwhile individual. I don't think you are in any way qualified to make such a statement, since you not only rejected all overtures of friendship on my part, you chose to deal with me at all onlyin situations where I was at the receiving end of all manner of hostilities. I was told that you often made friends in this fashion - at first antagonizing and then accepting them. I have tolerated the antagonism long enough, and now I demand acceptance.

The kind of acceptance I imply when I use the term, requires that you a) Pick up the gauntlet and address your complaints/criticisms of me directly to me, or

b) From now onward, you refrain from the use of my name. Neither may you refer to me, or my relationship with Peter either directly or indirectly in conversation with him, as part of your `assault Peter' arsenal.

You will no longer use me as a weapon against the best friend I have ever had. You will have to find some other form of release for your frustrations, and you are such an imaginative person I am sure you can come up with something. I put a lot of my energy into helping Peter heal, and I will not be a silent observer as you undo the work I have helped him do. If you thought about it reasonably, I'm sure you'd realise that damaging Peter is not to your benefit either. You will only succeed, as Richard has, in completely alienating him. You can be as shocked as you like at my temerity in saying such a thing to you, that does not concern me at the moment, I am immediately concerned only with Peter and myself.

As Always,


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