From: Louise 

Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 22:58:25

they assume that we are what we do- and from the outside, perhaps it looks clearer.

the lonliness in a crowd is not the only sorrow,
longing to connect, but not to remain connected...
the wanting of purity, of complete and absolute freedom,
control and anarchy all at once. i believe she knows these.

twirl, the world
chant the breeze
roar the engines
swell, the seas.

when the focus is like a pinpoint in your eyeball
paining the view but presenting an image,
we must force the horizons
to become distant, and near, at once.

mentor, friend, and fellow seeker of truth;
take my hand and tell of your sorrows.
spill what you know onto a page i can keep.


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