I share an apartment in Toronto with Peter in a house we bought 5 years ago with Joe. I'm sure this has to be the least significant aspect to Peter, other than that he hardly ever wears socks. You wouldn't believe how many times he has been stopped onthe street and told by someone that he doesn't have any socks on. Can this really matter so much?

Peter wrote The Electronic Sage (copyright 1994, 1995) last year while also writing his Masters thesis. He's like that. When very little is happening, nothing happens, but when something big gets started then he does a million other things as well. When he does nothing, video games, nethack, and the like are his sport. He can beat most of the teenagers at the corner store at Street Fighter!

I guess writing the guy's biography here is tedious so I'll say what he means to me instead. Which is impossible since he is everything to me. Funny that.

Peter is the person to get to know if you want to be really really understood by someone. He also does hypnotism, was a lawyer in a past orthogonality, has a familiar named Dagney, likes blue cheese salad dressing rather a lot, and thinks cooperation is the next step in evolution of humanity. I hope he is wrong since it always leads me into commitment tangles I never would have climbed into myself. Right, Kathleen?! So write to him anytime if you don't believe that he can write more than you in email. He is an old soul.

Many years ago now, Norbert became troubled. He had spent too much karma on desiring what he had not, and dreaming of .. I'm not sure. He began to concern himself with the structure of structure, the meaning of meaning, and the meaning of Jerry Fodor's works. He was in quite a psychological muddle. Let's say he was stuck in quite a number of godel points thanks to me and Peter. And as we progressed into graduate studies in philosophy, Norbert tagged along. With the mind of a genius and the training of a farmhand, he did quite well considering. But for all intents and purposes, he was mad for quite a while. I haven't talked to him since then for fear that my presence will send him back. And he really ws Peter's friend in the first place.

Peter wrote this poem in an attempt to communicate with Norbert during some of the worst times. Norbert, as brilliant a writer as he was, couldn't have written this. I hope he might understand it though.

A crab shell..

Another poem. I was hoping when I asked him to write a poem, that it would be about us. Foolish, that.

Junk in the attic..

Here is a quote that best describes Peter's philosophy of friendship:

Los Angeles, California:

"I knew that by assembling seven different people and forcing them to live together, the show would have great philosophical implications. On a much larger scale this happens all the time. Eventually, the Israelis are going to have to learn to live with the Arabs. We have one world, and 'Gilligan's Island' was my way of saying that."

Sherwood Schwartz, "Gilligan's Island" creator.

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