Tracey D. Meyer Bio Sheet

Tracey D. Meyer

Tracey indulged when I asked her for a bio. Here are a bunch. Pick the one you think matches her, and I'll save the rest for her other stories. :) I have a few more printed here that I'll eventually ascii-ify.


Tracey Meyer has a degree in English literature and is currently studying Audio Visual communication sat Seneca College in Toronto.
Tracey lives in fear of her stories being published as she is afraid that none of her friends would ever talk to her again. Her relatives are another matter. This is her first published work.
Tracey writes to live rather than living to write while she enjoys her second life-long torment, chchchocolate.
Tracey Meyer decidednot to pursue graduate work when told it would be frowned on to comapre Jane Austen with Judith Krantz, and that Steven King would not be considered part of the canon for eons to come, if ever. She has an aversion to joyless individuals, and figures that anyone she meets who quotes lines from Monty Python skehches must be a kindred spirit.
Tracey believes that you can learn from anything and anyone -- no origin of an idea is too banal or lofty to use if you think it applies now. Who cares where it came from -- does it work?! She is against all forms of intellectual snobbery.
Tracey is 30, a Torontonian, a self-confessed movie addict, whose favourite all time films are *Monty-Python and the Holy Grail*, and *Phantom of the Paradise* which she saw together at a drive-in when she was twelve. She says that every time she sees them she spots some new bit of schtick.
Tracey is 30, a Torontonian, a Trekker, and a Monty Python fan. She has an aversion to joyless individuals and enjoys movies, threatre and a good batle over Trivial Pursuit.

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