Cacti, oh cacti

Those ne'er forgotten failed cacti pix attempts:

1 Jef Poskanzer
2 Net-Nova
3 Diskovery

Not to mention all the search engines and biologist's hangouts I could find. No cacti pix! There's a cheap and sleazy article in this on the types of pix that land on the 'net.

Just in: (April 14, 1995!)

The actual real cacti pix winners!:

cactus flower

American West cactus from MegaDeath


Top Ten Picture Subjects on the Internet

  1. nudes
  2. self portraits
  3. landscapes
  4. friend's portraits
  5. art made by oneself
  6. art made by some famous guy
  7. front of one's office
  8. company logos
  9. fun cams
  10. dots, dots, stupid green dots

Missing: cacti, forks, vegetables, any sort of fungi, pink flamingos, and where oh where can one find a picture of me?

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