We tend to like review

Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 15:02:08 -0400 (EDT)
To: Carolyn L Burke 
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Subject: We tend to like review

planet ten he says

can you say 'celestine prophecy'?

focus focus focus on one idea...one realm... one thought... we tend to like review

exploratory anything prevails.

Hi Carolyn.

That house we all lived in was wracked with destruction. In it, the four of us lived through several 'wars' of sorts, (not only the blocking of the bridge). There I was, living a total sham being married to a guy I nad nothing in common with; Cynny living with Marc, and she and I, trying to pretend that everything was hunky dorey. What a laugh. We lived in the basement. We all thought we were having fun but I think we were all miserable. Wait a minute, we WERE all miserable. then began the buying and the selling. Never too sure which half we were buying, selling or doing otherwise to, we spent countless nights discussing how to maximally screw each other. So, then Marc was gone and I had to face what's his face (as he is now referred to in local circles: not a bad guy, all in all). The more I stared at the painting on the wall, the more I realized what I had gotten myself into, and eventually I left too. So there "he" was, left on his own, in that house. He lasted another 9 months and split too. What a riot, a complete riot.

memoirs	    	    march24 1995 late at nite

chapter three "Were you there?"

does it matter. asks berdj. alive or dead sinner or honest. does it matter.

maybe we were not dead. maybe we do not die. why do we convince ourselves of such things?
if everyone thinks we will have a minivan, then we will have a minivan.

jubilant sings. "were you there, when they crucified my lord?"
"were you there, when they crucified my lord?"
oh, oh, sometimes it causes me to tremble
were you there, when they crucified my lord?:

So, everything is a rise and fall.
everything has a beginning an end.
ergo, the wisdom and famedom of "To every thing, turn turn turn"

we sit and wonder at the marvel. no not the comics.
and I think, well in the old days, they had name brands too you know.
ball bats were
sluggers and players staub. its not that much different than today.

If only you knew. If only you knew how similar everything is. To what?
To the way I knew it would be. do people not really see the direction their lives are going?
do they have no control?

and I ramble on. as I have been doing of r quite some time now. as I will continue to do until I am

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