Now and Then

Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 08:26:07 -0400
To: Carolyn L Burke 
Subject: Now and Then

barely on the plane, and I miss her. she belongs there, in that room, at that desk. I work for her, here. it is important that I please her. I never realized that her presence was this overpowering. this deep, in this place. I miss you Daphne, wherever you are, whatever you do. I pray that over the next four months that one moment may go by that you just might miss me, too.

I dreamt that she came back and was very mad at us because she didn't approve of anything we had done. we had done something that we weren't supposed to amd she wouldn't even talk to me.

the line is broken.
stopping and starting, as love to a heart:

"when things are going like they are - I couldn't imagine not working here. "are you and berdj trying to do something in a hurry?" "No, I'm trying to do something in a hurry without berdj" (berdj quickly vamooses) "Well, here, close the door" (she closes the door and exits)

scurrying about
in door and out

white porcelain
white paper thin

the road ahead
and mine instead;


dazed banter and dancing
we all come together
a heaven of sorts
without a face;

kissing those we've never met
ignoring one or two;
stumbling, over baloons
the pink ones in this place.



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