Sunday Characters

Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 16:42:39 -0500
To: Carolyn L Burke 
Subject: Sunday Characters

a home has extra lightbulbs. and a dictionary.
remnants of the past.

        for every thought
a newborn tear
        and every sigh
a memory
        with every wish
a heartfelt prayer
        and every day
a promised year

everyone is entitlted to a sick puppy fairytale.

the place is full of old wood, and cluttered. But still beautiful, and very 'me'.

he would walk up the old creaky stairs, and sneak in an open door. it is dark. sheet music lies on the floor in the kitchen. nearly tripping over a pair of ballet slippers, he picks one up, gazing at it as if it were a magical window. the moon casts shadows on one wall, and a small sign reading "Broadway-for you and for me" is taped just where the moonlight hits. A humming is heard in the next room and he stops, frightened he might be discovered. the door to the dance room is open. he peers in. her left toe touches the lid of the container of yogurt she is eating. her favorite kind, he knows that well. her other toes are curling, rythmically behind her. He recognizes the tune she is humming immediately. it is the theme song for a late automn production in philly. "One Man Town". the album cover is leaning against a torn cotton bag. she is poring over the choreography notes, yogurt in one hand. she switches the walkman off and scribbles with the other.

--- ---
what would someone who wrote this really be dreaming?
--- ---
her leotard is white, her hair clean with sweat. he waits until she switches the walkman on again, and inches his way toward her. finally, overshadowing the small figure, he bends. she can smell him and stops humming. he puts one hand on the ground in front of her and kisses her bare neck.
- -- - --- - -- - --- - -- - --- - -- - --- - -- - --- - -- - --- - -- -

"I had a gut desire to wear a certain skirt today. really, I wanted sally to see it, because I knew that even if she would say nothing, she would like it. boy was I disappointed when she wasn't there. I had worn it for nothing, or so I thought, until Cecile said "you remind me of sally today" I said "why?" she said "because of what you're wearin' - sally likes stuff like that."

God bless her soul and keep her in peace... sally has since passed away.

- - --- - - --- - - --- - - --- - - --- - - ---

I love lynn in a hasty, infatuated way. I love her independance, her self-discipline, and her intelligence.

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