a new emotion

Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 08:12:52 -0500
To: Carolyn L Burke 
From: louern@vif.com
Subject: a new emotion

we're all trapped; with nothing but a ceiling to stare at and ourselves to love, or believe we hate; but I don't believe we do...even the rattling ceiling cannot mezmerize me into hating myself. whether we collide with each other in cyberdom or otherwise, our lives are both insignificant, as she says; and significant, as he does.

What scares people from us is honesty I think. we look at ourselves and we see the truth; but this isn't what makes us eccentric, Buddhist, or otherwise...

What makes us diffrent is that we want to know. and that we care. Caring can be a lonely place but I am told it is worth it...

we must be confident; in no matter what we feel or say. the friction causes growth, and hurt, too. confidence with a grain of salt; or sand.

the beautiful girl on the bus reminds me often, of who I am, and who I desire to be:

But a fleeting vision in this place,
ever so softly stepping,
chaotic at times, and leaving an impression.

Why be more than this? Only the subtle differences. and I am here, moderator, at best.

here is my hand;
it's open wide
please take it both;
bring me inside

I know it's hard,
to see our truths;
as one the same
for me and you

The world I know
so very dear
can leave me cold;
fill me with fear

And now we're here
in cyberspace
i'm learning fast,
a lonely place

But when all's said
and done and through
the ones you love
will love you you too

In the depths of depths of my heart; I believe this.

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