From: Pothier Louise 
To: 'CLB' 
Subject:  Indulgence
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 16:45


Volumes of self-indulgent crap, eh?

Them's fightin' words, I'd say. What remnants of their lives are they leaving behind? How and why is their perspective different? People choose to read what they want, and if 'self-indulgent crap' is all they can come up with then they probably don't see that they are aiding the cause in their only little way.

People are very very out of touch.
People bounce off the walls of life without so much as wiping their feet on its mat.

I wish I could accept what is placed in front of me like they can. I wish I could just smile all the day long and say "It's God's will".

Hearing beautiful music and seeing my neice's smile help, but in general the frustration of watching people accuse us of being self-indulgent leaves me angry and frustrated with them even more. I want the peace which they claim to know. I want the selflessness that they admire about themselves...I want it all.

What do they want?


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