To: Carolyn L Burke 
From: louern@vif.com
Subject: none of OUR business
said she-
for me-

is all i truly know
is all i have to show

to you the part of me
of you that shows.


midst coughing fits i wrack my brain for words and thoughts although in
the words are few for much is done
and much has passed and much was fun.

tis us who learned and gained a few
is we who watch
is we who knew
what must be done while waiting here
for us to know
for them to hear.


the people went on their merry lives said she, they pranced in turn. she looked upon them, each by each, and saw not one - but nothing there. She saw not lives, not lived, not died, she saw not smiles, not faces- The merriment that once she knew is now a look, a stare, a view. A peephole into what they now know and have but learned and have but shown. They take what they have been given and live it - yes - this is grand. But once it has been used up - on what do they stand? For what, she asks, and where is it? For their own lives, their own merit? A self-serving thing, is perhaps to say, the ball rolls on by night by day. The gas is pumped the fuel is used the meter ticks the world is viewed. here is it, the loss, the fate she wants to know-shared not by most and dare not show. another song of words displayed, does not much harm, does not much weigh. The weight will change when it is read-the value of living, or of the dead. The perception is all, all and all there is, and when it is none-they are we and we are one.


this is what i come up with at the end of another year. why is this year different from any other? because it isn't. the sum of all that has come to pass here, adds up to something which has happened over and over again since the beginning of time. It adds up to me and you. It adds up to us.

wishing i had something beautiful to say
accepting that i don't
hoping that my essence will be portrayed
in the medium i know best
the method of myself
and here's to you
and your essence too.=7F

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