I like..

[ A poem dedicated to selfish friends on this silly holiday two years ago. ]

A friend would like to know what I like. The answer seemed to be poetic so I send it further into the ether. Here goes.

I like long intense conversations about the state of a person's beliefs and desires; I like fresh towels being rubbed all over me till I vibrate with energy; I like cold pizza and grumbling in the morning; I like cats and not dogs; I like unsweet coffee and very sweet desserts; I like doing odd things once in awhile to shake the dust out of my habits and assumptions; I like truffles for no particularly good reason; I like people who say what they think directly (so stock up on these especially please); I like quiet emailing while everyone else is doing odd family snufflings under dead trees with good intentions and bad feelings; I like cold intelligent women and strong talkative men (but only to be unconventional); I like my hair long and my temper short; I like to do every creative art once successfully, and then never again; I like watching the chaos screen saver on my friend Richard's DOS machine; I like the feeling of not having made any typos in this note so far (a lie, hehe); I like the frustrations of modern society and a warm bath with some philosophy; I like cyberpunk novels and scifi, but think that philosophy makes a good substitute -- its just as far out; I like trying to think of more things for this list and always finding another thing to add; I like movies that aren't romantic and people who aren't either; I like learning about new things and thinking in new ways most of all.

A person more romantic and sappy then I would end this poem with: I like my friends. Yeeesh.

Is this my personality?

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