Media contact: FSC Internet: Christina Peruzzi: 416.921.4280
Media contact: FSC Internet: 416.921.4280.

Media Events with Carolyn's Diary


MetaJournals' monthly interview. Aug 98 edition. Interviewer / publisher: Blunt


WebGrrls guest speaker. Getting an Audience, July 21, 1998 at MetroHall. Contact person: Suzanne.

CTV / CFTO's WebMania segment airing July 24, 25, 1998. Journalist: Rob. Producer: Richard. Segment hot July 21, 1998 at WebGrrls seminar.

WORD: July 1998 edition. Interview with Peter Fruchter.

Internet World conference February, 1998, speaking on becoming Internet media savvy, and Carolyn's Diary

The Mining Company: Personal Web Pages: Online Diaries: Survey and review. By Pamela O'Connell, 12/15/97

The Mining Company: Personal Web Pages: Online Diaries: Survey and review. By Pamela O'Connell, 12/08/97

Pathfinder Netly News by Simon Eskow. Dec 2, 1997 (Interview date). Broadcast date Dec 5, 1997 on Pathfinder Online. The Mining Company: Personal Web Pages: Online Diaries: Survey and review. By Pamela O'Connell, 12/01/97
The Mining Company: Personal Web Pages: Online Diaries: Survey and review. By Pamela O'Connell, 11/24/97

NetGuideDec 1997 edition - personal page reveiw

CTV's News1 Digital Deskwtih host Mark Schneider, Taping Oct 28, 1997, Airing Nov 16, 1997 every half hour for awhile.

WebNET conference November 4 & 5, 1997, speaking with FSC Internet on several website development and management topics

Shift Magazine: October Online 1997 issue By Shawna

The Mining Company: Personal Web Pages: Online Diaries: Why Web. By Pamela O'Connell, 10/27/97

MuchMusic: Go with the Flow. September 5, 1997, interview with Juliette Powell.

Microsoft Network's One Click Away: September 1997

The Mining Company: Personal Web Pages: Online Diaries Grow Up. By Pamela O'Connell, 06/09/97

The Mining Co.: The Diary Guide. Updated weekly

Foundrey for Intelligent Bookmarks: June 1997: Contemporary Personal Journals Online

Images magazine Biographical profile on Carolyn Burke, Summer 1997. By Rhonda Riche. Images magazine distributes 500,000 copies quarterly through Shoppers Drug Mart.


The Smithsonian Magazine: feature atricle in the March 1997 issue: Highlights

The Smithsonian: Feature exhibit in the National Museum of American History: 24 Hours in Cyberspace display from January 23- April 19, 1997.

Women's Network Profile on Carolyn Burke, business woman, author, and cat lover. Jan. 23, 1997

Good Morning America interviews Rick Smolan about Carolyn's Diary and 24 Hours in Cyberspace, Dec 12, 1996.

American Way 2 page feature photograph in conjunction witht "24 Hours in Cyberspace".

Microsoft Network's One Click Away with Robin Hemley, author and professor. In-depth interview on being a diarist, in first issue, Dec. 1996.

Entertainment Desk, Global Television, Nov 19, 1996. Interview with Lorraine .

Eye on Toronto, CFTO-CTV interview with Robin Ward and Kate Wheeler. Nov 20, 1996, 11 am.

Life Network interview with Erika Ehm. Nov 18, 1996. I talk about keeping an online diary, the changes in my life, and being featured in 24 Hours in Cyberspace.

Maclean's feature article "Women and the Internet" interview and photograph, Nov. 1996, issue .

Toronto Star review.

InterText takes note! And see InterText's 5th aniversary issue too for stories by the authors about InterText, including me. I got my writing debut here with TimeBugs.


Donald Winslow's personal journal: Oct 24, 1996; 24 Hours in Cyberspace

Entertainment Weekly, The bathtub pic, page 124, Multimedia events - 24 Hours in Cyberspace; Oct 24, 1996

24 Hours in Cyberspace: Book: page 1, 95; web: cover, cover of Sex, Lies and Websites, online diaries

U.S. News and World Report: FRONT COVER! Oct 21, 1996

Newsweek, Oct 7, 1996, Page 12

Incontext Spider's Spider's Web: July 1996

Toronto Star: Fast Forward with Myles White: 1996

NetChick: Homepages

World Wide Web Top 1000: Best Home Page on the 'Net, one of hte best 1000 websites ever

CBC Morning News with Bill Cameron, June, 1996: Internet Addicts, guest: Dr. Harvey skinner


640am Talk Radio, March 1996: Talk Show with Bill Carroll

ABC Radio, March 18, 1996: from the Cyberstars awards ceremony in New York City

Newsweek's Virtual City Magazine March 18, 1996: Cyberstar Best HomePage on the Web!!

CFTO News, CTV National News March 1996: with Christine Crosby

CBC Radio 740 am March 1996, Later the Same Day with Kathryn O'Hara

CBC Newsworld 10 am, Feb 8, 1996: with Bill Cameron, Live uplink from my home and "24 Hours in Cyberspace"

CBC The National 10 am, Feb 8, 1996: [aired 6pm and 10pm] 10 am, Feb 8, 1996 The Discovery Channel [aired 7pm, 11pm, 8 am, noon]

Feb 8, 1996: 24 Hours in Cyberspace

The Point Survey: 41 18 40




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