This being the Internet, I can talk and gripe all I want about my neighbours, and I bet they'll never know! Mine like to cut their grass very often, and one even waters her sidewalk everyday all summer. Why??

I guess everyone has neighbours. What an odd thing. Mine make me feel all alone inthe world, moreso than living on a desert island ever could. I could fantasize on such an island about exciting people with exciting lives and interesting life-choices. Instead here I watch them scolding their children.

Why do they care about my life?

One family across the road, a mother and daughter and the mother's boyfriend are more interesting. They form a friendlier family and yet they have their problems... something the whole neighbourhood got to see last summer. The fellow turned out to be a house robber, and had filled up their home with so much stolen junk that when he robbed the house two doors down from him, he left most of the stolen junk in his backyard! And he wonders why he was caught!!

I wonder how much of this is simply a neighbourhood myth?!

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