Net Fishing vs Rod Fishing

There are two strategies for acquiring new acquaintances: the net and the rod strategies. I shall outline both, and try to illustrate the pros and cons of each.

  1. Net Fishing

    Cast a net into that infamous people sea in which there is always more than one fish. With or without forethought as to the type of desired catch, take what comes and make use of it.

    Kathleen uses this method. She starts out with a predetermined set of personality roles that are to be filled, and through a fairly continuous process of net fishing as she called it (junk fishing as Peter called it), she creates an ever updated list of those persons caught in the net that will suitably fill a given role. She then tosses out which ever fish simply do not serve any of the predesired designated purposes, though this is rare for her. Force fit close fits into the roles when better catches aren't available. Always keep each role filled, and replace when necessary with a new catch. there is no such thing as a better catch, only old catches that have grown stale. This anyway is what I made out of Kathleen's methods.

    I never fit into her roles, but became problematic when she wanted Peter's child (his role then being sperm donor). I objected to the legal ramifications involved that would have a hold on me in terms of the future if this ocurred. Since Kathleen is currently (2 years since Peter was discovered as her idea of a donor) 5 months pregnant, I suspect that I made a good decision. She is anonymously pregnant.

    A junk fish father. Kathleen used to compare her method with Peter's, and through his persistence, began to respect his alternative, rod fishing.

  2. Rod Fishing

    Two variants for catching a single fish at a time vary on quality control considerations. The first method involves the use of a rod and bait, and works by attracting the type of fish that likes that sort of bait. If fishing in the right waters, this can be effective, but may involve throwing many fish back if the bait is too popular; error type: over productivity due to laziness.

    The second type of single fish catching foregoes the rod in favour of personal involvement. Imagine jumping into the water and swimming with the fish, examining each carefully and from a distance. The use of filters and location selecting can be added. The likelihood of ever finding an appropriate fish is low, on purpose. What matters most here is the quality of fish of whatever type it is. Rather loneliness then bad company.

    Peter used to use this method, and later switched to a hybrid after discussing much with Kathleen. His hybrid strategy is to have a junk fisher with him to attract a lot of fish randomly into his vicinity, and then to check out the most promising by hand.

I use a much stronger version of rod fishing. I never meet people. I send out strong vibes of high standard "get away from me"'s. Anyone who gets through that, which is about 1 person per year, is then allowed to be treated well by my standards. At this point I can respect them, and I can trust1 them. I then work on building trust2ing them. Other people are collected more as acquiantances, and I am not describing them. These days, I have built up quite a large circle of friends, and of acquiantances. And I like this a lot.

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