The Theory of Psychology

Shall I say the right theory of psychology? No, in fact this a theory of psychology and a theory about theories of psychology all in one, as I think is required in dealing with godel point critters like ourselves.

People, as abstraction manipulators, or things with minds, are self designed. Now there are limitations on the list of possible designs, and there are likelihoods as to which designs a given person will choose - or build.

Bear with me about the choice thing. I like to speak of people as experiments and so am likely to say that people consist of a set of choices. But I could as easily describe a person as being created in any way, and my theory would still come out the same. I don't think that I'm placing a limit on my theory, but I could of course be wrong.

People ar self-designed whether by choice making orsomeother mechanism inthat an abstract structure can take on any shape and in that the person -- the mind of the person if you must -- consists most essentially of abstract mud. A person takes this mud and molds it, plays around with, imposing some sort of order. Now there are a lot of available package deals around. A person does not usually have to look far to receive advice on how to mold their own stuff. Ask any Sunday school teacher, or your mum, your hero, or your best friend. Each of them will be mor than happy to advise you on which parts of your mind could use a dusting out. So quickly most of us buy a package and make ourselves at home in the mental furniture.. perhaps not even repainting or tacking up new wall-paper. So be it.

So we have a society of mass-market personalities. However, though this may have been the original mass-marketing success -- look to any tribal village, or the easy success of the marketing of various wide-spread religions thousands of years ago -- we must look further to get the whole picture.

There are personalities out there that are originals. And some even without copies. These originals are without a package personality -- though this does necessitate their having designed the result themselves. merely mixing up a bunch of packages might suffice. Or getting the package wrong, say by adding in a neurosis or two. But imagine a person who sets out to design themselves completely from scratch. Ah but I deviate from my concern here, that of psychology. Suffice it to say that regardless of the details of the personality spectrum, there is one. This isn't sufficient to motivate my next claim. Bear with me for a few more paragraphs.

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