Today to Kathleen

I can't believe this: rumour has it that my diary is a hot item at UWaterloo. (Hi guys!) What's interesting about this is that one of Kathleen's friends goes there, and apparently told her about these mental meanderings of mine. So far so good. She concluded (upon reading them over, I hope) that I am writing about her! I am now! Honestly, I never was. And I regret her hurt feelings.

But seriously, I write here for my own good, to learn about myself and the world and, yes, about my friends when I can. I get effected by many things around me including Kathleen, as does everyone I expect. And many things I've learned from Kathleen have been valuable lessons to me. But I mean this only in a good way.

From Kathleen, I've learned what a life lived without fear can be.

Just a sec. It's time for T'ai Chi. I'll be back in awhile.

Alright. But really, why would my diary be about anyone but me. It isn't. I like to think about the people I know. My own understanding of the world and of myself advances in this manner. What do I learn from this?

I learn that some people live in their own world view at the expense (as far as I can tell) of understanding other world views. I would find this too high a price. Clearly others do not, assuming they do that by choice.

Perhaps in my having learned a lot from Kathleen over the past year or so, I have adopted some of her mannerisms, or been affected by some of her claims. Insofar as this is true, I have only improved. I still wrestle with some of the extroversion lessons I received. As I highly value most of the results of this ability, my thoughts certainly reflect this.

On the other hand, this is not the first time that this confusion has arisen. Hmm.

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