My Cognitive Landscape

Well, here I am, wondering through my mind, my mental stuff, the dust and rocks of a well travelled spirit (not an old soul just yet I think though), looking for coherence, purpose, and a third word to stick in this ellipsis styled phrase. What the hell is a cognitive landscape...

To get to the point, people receive information easiest (well, at least easily according to Proverbio's article on Hitler's doggeral) when the information fits the shape of their mind already. And since, what with all the package deal personalities out there, simple story telling goes down well, I've tried to tell myself self stories that are at the same time a little communicable (if only they'd virus everywhere, my life would become so much simpler).

Again, back to the point: cognitive landscape is the real, er, subjectively real topology of the mind. [Do I really have to explain "landscape"?] When I wrote my Master's thesis, my dilemma turned out to be that I had to learn the public languae inorder to say my perfectly reasonable scholarly and interesting things to others so that they'd understand what I actually wanted them to. Sometimes playing with the interpretation-space of horoscopes is fun, but it is not the stuff of a thesis in philosophy - where precision is a highly valued goal.

In these pages, I intend, rather than to construct the ideas in the intersubjective landscape of communication that we all (yes I lived in Pittsburgh too long) share, to write for myself in my own language. This is my cogitive space here. There are two avenues of in here: I over the yers have indeed picked up much of others' cognitive structuring and understanding of even more. And many of my thoughts find a home in those patterns. 10 years ago, none of them would have. I hope I haven't lost anything too crucial. But it is likely. I believe the insane have more to offer than most of the assembly masses appreciate. [Dagney warms on the heater as the rain fails.] The second source of public language comes from my surprising (to me) desire to really succeed in inviting people in here with me.

Carolyn's Diary
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